Sunday, 22 May 2016
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Some say that girls are just trying to seek attention when they say "I'm fat" or "I'm ugly". Not at all. Some girls actually do see themselves as fat and ugly. When they go up to the mirror, they seen an overweight version of them when they're actually extremely beautiful and perfectly fine. That's not their fault, and they're not fishing for compliments or attention either. Society these days teaches us that we aren't thin enough, we aren't smart enough, we aren't capable of thinking for ourselves. It tells us you're only as pretty as the makeup on your face and not what you are made of inside. What ever happened to innocence?

I know that I'm mean. I can see the look from others expressing how mean i am towards you but then do they know what did i go through with you? because of you? No, they don't. Remember when I said that I won't hurt anyone like they did to me? I'm slowly turning into someone that I hate. I remember how I used to despise those who hurt me yet I am doing the same right now. What's happening? Do you know what it's like to cry yourself to sleep every night? To lie in bed for hours just to think about how much of a failure you are? About how you are going no where in the future? Do you know what it's like to feel so hopeless and hurt? You just want to tear off all your skin to release some of that pain? Just like how teenagers nowdays do. Do you know what it's like to think of how you would kill yourself every single day? To think of the letters you would write to your friends and family before you go, to think of films you want to finish watching and the food or places you've yet to visit or taste, the things you love to do. You know you'd never have a chance to do these things anymore when you're gone, and you compare these to the pain you're feeling. Everyday, you ask yourself if life is worth living. Everyday, you never got a definite answer.

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