Wednesday, 27 May 2015
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"I'm fine"

Absolutely a lie. No. Every second is a second of losing grip. 
Do you know what it's like to burst into tears at any moment?

To be surrounded by people and still feel so alone?
To cry and scream when no one can hear you, to grip tightly onto your stomach and feel the pain take over?

To have to count reasons to live, just so you don't give up.

Do you?
Do you know what its feel like to be so unsure & insecure all the time?

To feel as though the one you love will give up on you as easily as you've given up on yourself? To feel as though nothing or anything can make you feel better? Not anymore.

To constantly battle yourself? To agonize in emotions, that choke your better thoughts?
To look down in your heart and head everyday and see & imagining scars that forever will be there; scars that call for more?

To be in a house that echoes with chaos and screams?
To feel out of control of your feelings and thoughts?

To think that death is your only peaceful serenity to this harsh life & cruel world?
To fear that you'll end up where you were once before; dancing with death because the pain is so bad.

To pretend a smiles & laughter infront of others?
To keep yourself quiet & calm eventhough you're hurt at that time?
To hear over and over again that things will get better, when really, you've been hearing that all your life?

So, tell me.
If you were me, in my position, will you be okay?

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Hajjatul Darwisyah Mohd Zaaba.


Kedah, Malaysia.

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