Friday, 26 June 2015
One of my broken days Posted at 08:05 0 comments (+)
One of my broken days is when everything starting to fall apart. I lost the important person in my life one by one. I'm getting blamed for every small mistakes i do. I'm being invisible whenever i did some good deeds. Well its true, "manusia ni kesalahan sekecil semut nampak, kebaikan sebesar gajah tak diperdulikan"

Its not that i give up on everything. What hurts me the most is whenever i'm losing my friends one by one. Even a friend that I depends on the most. Its totally hurt. Cause there's too much memories made together and yet it is easily vanished from theirs. It hurts. 

Also, its hard when everyone looking down upon you. Ignoring you like you don't even exist. Hurt your feeling just likes you're a doll that knows nothing. Its freaking hurt & bad.

Sometimes, its when you feel like you would want to die today and see who's there for you, who's there to claimed that you're their friend, who's there to be sad fr you, who's there to remember & regretting everything back then.

Sometimes, you also want to leave far away from where you are at. A place that you can rest your whole life, body, feeling and mind. A place that can set you free from anything thats hurt you. A place that no one can find you. Its just like that.


i have guts to post it now because i think i already move on. and i am happier at this point of my life. i met a lot of great people. i've experienced heartbreaks. and alhamdulilah, life is getting better. life gets better. and i am happier. aku hargai mereka yang pergi & datang dalam hidup aku. i am now being extra careful.

so i wanted you guys to know that bila kita sedih macam mana pun, there are still ways to get back up. dan Tuhan tak pernah abaikan kita. Dia akan tunjuk jalan untuk bahagia. Dia akan tolong kita.

Dia bagi kita lebih apa yang kita perlu dalam hidup ni. Dia hadirkan orang yang baik baik untuk tolong kita. Dia beri macam macam. tak ada sebab untuk kita tak bersyukur dengan hidup kita ni. tak ada sebab langsung.

kita sakit kehilangan sebab kita fikir kita dapat rasa bahagia macam kita pernah dulu. kita salah, apa yang kita akan dapat lepas ni mungkin lebih baik daripada sebelumnya. kalau kita berusaha sebaik mungkin dan percaya.

kita selalu gambarkan yang buruk-buruk tentang masa depan.

sakit tu sekejap. pengajaran tu yang kita kena ingat sampai bila bila. jangan mudah sangat bagi kepercayaan dekat orang kalau tak nak sakit hati. jangan harapkan apa apa dari orang. jangan mudah sangat salahkan takdir.

study hard. work you ass off to get flying color result. get close to Him. build friendships and network. always expect less and do more. be genuinely happy. life is so much more than being in love with wrong person. that's all.

cheer up, my friends. life gets better. He knows best.

kita je kena biasakan diri, bila senang & susah, tetap cari Dia.
jangan bila susah baru cari Dia & cakap Dia tak pernah adil.

biasakan diri dengan redha ketentuan Tuhan.
biasakan diri bangun bila jatuh. jangan terus tersungkur.
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