Wednesday, 9 September 2015
2 And A Half Year Posted at 04:34 0 comments (+)

If there is one thing that I'm so proud of my guy bestfriend, that would be the fact that he never leave me alone when things get hard. He stayed and always will. I'm so sure that besides Allah and my family, my bestfriend is someone that I can count on. I admit that I am the one who will always start the fight with him. However, he still managed to cleared things up between us. I always say bad things over and over again but at the end of the day, it is him who stays and keep cheering me up despite my mood on that day. He knows me inside and out. I just hope that he will never give up on me since we have been a good friends for 2 and a half year. I can't imagine how would my life be without him, who'll keep by my side, cheering me up whenever i'm down, happy for me whenever i'm in a good mood. He is the one who'll stay no matter what bad things I did to him such as ignoring his text for a long time, get angry at him anytime i want yet he still cool about it. Because he understood me well. He's the type who'll never get tired over me & my bad attitude. Thanks to you, some days were unforgetable & happy. Thanks to you, i've cheered up again after being in a though situation. Thanks to you, who's stay with me till today. I'm so blessed to have you by my side. Thankyou for everything, bro.
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Hajjatul Darwisyah Mohd Zaaba.


Kedah, Malaysia.

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