Wednesday, 9 September 2015
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Its not easy looking for a good friend & its not easy to be a good friends.

Good friends never gossiping behind his/her bestfriend. Good friends never jealous of the success of her bestfriend. Instead, a good friend is the most helpful to you, to achieve the success.

Good friends never affects his/her best friend to make things ugly and useless. A good friend is the one who always encouraged his/her bestfriend, to do good things for good deed.

Good friends are the first that we'll be looking for when we're sad or happy. Good friends will be there where we express feelings that can not be expressed in common friends. 

Good friends never force his/her friend to always be on his side. Good friends never forbade her/his best friend to be friends with a good friend. Good friends never jealous if his/her bestfriend has a lot of good friends, as good friends know what's best for his/her best friend.

Good friends will always pray for the welfare and happiness of his/her best friend in the world and in the hereafter in his/her prayer.

We are a good friends if we understand that our bestfriend is not perfect. We are a good friends if we become good friends to our bestfriend.

We are not a good friend if we do not appreciate our bestfriend because a good friend is a friend who will always appreciate his/her bestfriend.

We are not a good friend if we do not tell the good news to our best friends, as a good friends will always deliver good things to his/her bestfriend.

Good friends will extend these copies to his/her friends, not because of necessity, not because the fun of it, but to be used as guidelines by his/her friends in order to be a good friend to his/her best friend.

And if we want to be friends with goodfriends who is good, we must first become a good friends to our friends.

And may we be a good friends who is good. 

“ Life is funny. Things change, people change, but you will always be you. So stay true be yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone ” -Zayn Malik

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