Thursday, 10 September 2015
Memories are the reason why I keep holding on. Posted at 03:27 0 comments (+)
Memories are supposed to make you happy aren't they? Well, they're not. Im lying in bed crying and all I can think about is how everything used to be. I used to be happy a lot back then. I used to laugh a lot. I used to spent a lot of time together with em'. I used to be happy to get up in the morning and go to school. I used to be so happy knowing I get to see you. I used to be proud to be weird and now what? I hate school. You don't talk that much to me anymore because you're thousand miles away, my friend who used to be myclosestfriend with deepest secret of mine is 400 miles away and I'm more insecure then ever. I wish I can shit my brain off for the night or these memories will take over my every though. Oh, I miss em'. All of the sudden, I miss being with them. I miss having to skype late at night, gossiping at school the other day, walking around together, comforting each other whenever we;re in a bad mood, singing, joking around and etc. Oh memories! I wish I could just turn back time and holding to em'. I can't stop replaying the memories in my brain whenever I miss you, the memories keep reminding me of em'. I miss you. I miss how we used to be so closed to each other, comforting each other, take silly selca and else. Ah shit. Why did you keep torturing me in the memories? Its hurt so bad. Its totally hurt. How i wish the memories would be real once again.
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Hajjatul Darwisyah Mohd Zaaba.


Kedah, Malaysia.

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